Here's some things my patients have to say about Boehmer Chiropractic:

Dr. Rachel Boehmer is a gifted, whole-body, natural healer! Like many people, I once believed that chiropractors treated aching backs only. I was completely incorrect. My entire body is functioning better than it has in years thanks to her care.

I started seeing Dr. Boehmer because, as a working professional and graduate student, I have tension in my neck and throughout my back. However, as Dr. Boehmer and I spoke about my neck and back issues, she also explored other issues I have been having and accepted as "things I had to live with."

Since I was seven, I'd had chronic sinusitis for which I was prescribed multiple drugs to help treat and minimize the symptoms. I often had to switch from one drug to the next because over time my body would grow accustomed to the effects. Before Dr. Boehmer's chiropractic care I had most recently had eight sinus infections in one year. However, after only a few visits with Dr. Boehmer, I no longer need prescription drugs, such as Flonase, because my sinuses now drain naturally without causing infection. I love saying that, because of Dr. Boehmer, I am completely drug free!

In addition, Dr. Boehmer has helped to stabilize my hormones and worked with me on developing a nutritional plan that works for me and my body. Through natural supplements and whole foods, I feel more like myself and have energy that I have not had in a long time. My skin has cleared and I feel like a complete, healthy person. I would recommend Dr. Boehmer's care to anyone, including children. She has always been there for me and is always willing to take my call and put me into her schedule when I am not feeling well, even at the last minute.


Dr. Rachel is a caring and highly effective holistic health professional. She treats the whole person with her nutritional expertise and her adjustment techniques and therapies. Dr. Rachel has treated our entire family for many health concerns including acid reflux, sinusitis, migraines, hormonal imbalances and sports related injuries such as torn ACLs, torn Achilles tendons and strained quads–all with great success. Dr. Rachel has greatly improved our lives and we highly recommend her. She truly cares.


Dr. Rachel Boehmer constantly amazes us with her knowledge and ability. Her personal approach with treatments have a firm and gentle touch to promote healing. Our confidence in her never leaves us with a doubt. Dr. Rachel is the third generation from her family of chiropractic care for us and treats four generations in our family.


Dr. Boehmer started off as design a client of mine. It was after I had to push back a deadline due to an intense, day long migraine that she recommended I set up a couple of appointments. During our first visit, in addition to adjustments, she was also able to suggest small things I could change, such as raising my laptop to eye-level and getting a more supportive office chair, to help aid realigning my body and relieving my migraines. After one month my migraine symptoms were so slight, I hardly recognized I was having one. After two months of visits I no longer have migraines. It's so wonderful to know that I no longer have to worry about having a migraine after a long day of work or during times of stress. Becoming a patient of Dr. Boehmer's is the best thing I ever did for my health.


I have been a patient of Dr. Rachel Boehmer since she received her degree in chiropractic. She has treated my back problems, kidney and liver malfunctions and numerous other ailments. Because of her vast knowledge, her willingness to research all my health problems and the use of dietary supplementation, I have not only improved my health but have reduced my difficulty with cancer treatment. My discomfort from chemotherapy has been kept to a minimum because of her help. I have recommended several friends and family members to Dr. Boehmer for numerous problems and I am happy to report that they are now enjoying the benefits of her treatment. I thank God everyday for my continuing good heath and for Dr. Boehmer.


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